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The American Society of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery (ASDFED) conducts an annual salary survey (starting in 2022) to gather and analyze data on the compensation packages of professionals in the digital forensics and eDiscovery field. This survey provides insights into current trends in compensation and allows informed decisions about setting and negotiating salaries. The digital forensics and eDiscovery industries have two separate groups. First is the public sector, which includes professionals employed by government entities, and second is the private sector, which encompasses all other industries. 

ASDFED website hosted this survey with notifications to various mailing lists and requests for input. Professionals use salary survey data to determine if their pay is fair and to negotiate for higher pay or better benefits. Digital Forensics and eDiscovery professionals can use this information to help them negotiate a fair salary when applying for a new job or obtaining additional compensation with their current employer. Salary survey data is only as good as its input, as it is self-reported and may not be completely up-to-date. Therefore, it is essential to use multiple sources and consider other factors, such as the size of the organization and the specific role. However, this survey provides valuable information for employers, employees, and job seekers and can be used to make informed decisions about their compensation.

The 2022 ASDFED Survey has concluded. Thank you to everyone, who participated.  

2022 Salary Survey - Initial Analysis


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