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Cell Phone Research Sites


If you have been the victimized using any form of communications device you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

Domain Research

Online Research Tool - website resource tool and other information
GEO IP Lookup Tool - this can trace multiple IP addresses to a particular location.
GEO IP Lookup Tool - this can trace a single IP address to a particular location.

Hex editor

JTAG Resource Sites


Private Investigator Licensing by State

Many states require a private investigator license in order to collect and/or process digital evidence.  The above link is provided by Mike Kessler.


This is a great forensics resource for a bootable USB stick.  It's free, but they request a donation.

The Paladin software can be found here.

Instructions for USB configuration can be found here.

NTFS Information

If you would like to know more about the NTFS, this page provides some great information.

Rainbow Tables

LoftCraft - Tables

This security site provides the ability to wash hashes through rainbow tables and decrypt passwords.

Security Code Bypass

Remote Pin codes

Bypass Pin codes and swipe pattern matches on Cell phones and other mobile devices.

Virus Scanners

Virus Total

This page will scan uploaded files to determine if they are a virus.

Windows Event Log

The recommended Windows Event log recommendations by Microsoft.


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