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The American Society of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery is an impartial 501(c)3 not-for- profit organization dedicated to advocacy and education.  Membership is open to all individuals interested in the intersection of technology with the law as well as professionals who handle, secure or process digital evidence.  Your ASDFED membership provides you direct access to a variety of programs and opportunities.


In order to get promoted in this aggressive job market, it is critical that you possess the right combination of knowledge, skills and abilities.  Your ASDFED membership will position you at the epicenter of the Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Professions.  This affords you the best probability of being the right person with the right contacts with the right skill set at the right time for your job of choice.


Your membership provides a variety of cutting edge educational programs to your fingertips.  First, the Chapter Support Center polls each chapter to collect the best presentations from across the country.  Once identified these presentations are placed with the author’s permission into the ASDFED member only area.  This ensures that even if you don’t have a chapter near you, you can get the latest presentations.  Second, ASDFED is constantly working to create whitepapers, technical bulletins and other practical materials, which you can use every day.  Education is at the core of ASDFED.  This emphasis insures that your ASDFED membership is the best money spent this year.  You can join by clicking here and completing the online application.


ASDFED is busting at the seams with ways to become involved.  The organization was specifically crafted to provide a wealth of opportunities for our members.  These possibilities include working on an industry leading committee, writing articles, leading a chapter, creating technical bulletins, speaking at public events or hosting a training class.  The opportunities are limited only by your creativity and perspiration.

Local Chapters

ASDFED has created a sound and flexible framework for professionals to meet and discuss topics related to technology and the law.  ASDFED makes it easy to run an existing chapter or to start a brand new one.  This is one reason that ASDFED chapters are expanding rapidly.  You can read more about creating an ASDFED chapter by clicking here.


In a turbulent job market, it is essential to cultivate a strong professional network.  By joining ASDFED you obtain direct access to like minded professionals.  ASDFED provides the framework for you to meet and discuss experiences and successes with colleagues.  Additionally you also have access to an internal messaging system within the organization.  These sort of forward thinking processes and procedures are what make ASDFED a great place to network with your peers.


Your ASDFED membership is your gateway to the Subject Matter Expert program.  This program allows you to be recognized for your contributions to the community.  More information will be available soon.  You can also be recognized as a member of the industry’s leading organization by displaying the ASDFED seal on your personal website.  This lets your customers know that you have agreed to the ASDFED code of conduct.


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