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Cloud Artifacts on Local Computers & Smartphones

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019 8:43 AM
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    I have a case where I listed most of the potential evidence that can be found on a local computer/mobile smartphone when one interfaces with various cloud services: i.e. Thomas Reuters Tax Software, QuickBooks, Office 365 and 3 email accounts. I was wondering if anyone else had OTHER potential locations on local computers/mobile devices where items/objects/artifacts could be found when using cloud-based services. I'm not concerned about extracting this cloud evidence directly from the cloud with Avatars/Account Credentials and Legal Authority.  I already included a number of locally saved mail bags/hives, Event logs, Registry/.plist items, Activity Logs, Cache Web Pages, Web Histories, Temp Files, User/Account Data, 3rd party backup applications, Shadow Copies, Time Machine and more in my list… ANY ADDITIONAL INFO IS APPRECIATED!

    P.S. After I compile the list I will post DOC for all.


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