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Chapter Information

All members are encouraged to meet with other members within their local area.  Please contact the local chapter directly in order to get the exact meeting time and place.

Creating a Chapter

Starting as ASDFED chapter within your local area is very easy.
  1. Locate various ASDFED members within your local area.  You can do this by logging into the website and searching the member database by state.  You can then send each of these people a message regarding your desire to start a local ASDFED chapter.
  2. Complete the Chapter Application.  The new chapter application is located within the members only area.  You just need to login and select download.  Within this area you will see the new chapter application form.
  3. Once you receive approval from the Chapter Support Center you will have a host of resources at your disposal to help launch the first chapter.
  4. Set up the initial meeting with a date, time and location.  This maybe a public or private meeting.  At the first meeting you will need to elect your chapter officers.


The American Society of

     Digital Forensics & eDiscovery, Inc™

     For Digital Evidence Experts™

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